Chris Wahl, MD, MBA headshot

Chris Wahl, MD, MBA

Head of Strategy and Business Development

Chris Wahl is responsible for strategy and business development for Biora’s therapeutics programs. Dr. Wahl has spent over 16 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries covering small molecules, biologics, combination products, devices and diagnostics. For the past eight years he has focused on the development of drug-device combination products and ingestible medical devices.

Dr. Wahl was previously the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Interface Therapeutics prior to its acquisition by Biora Therapeutics in 2015. Prior to Interface, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Micropharma Limited and worked on product strategy, development, commercialization, sales and marketing, patient compliance, and organizational structure through positions at McKinsey & Company and Merck.

Dr. Wahl is an inventor on over 150 US and international patents and patent applications and holds an MD and an MBA from McGill University.